Impotence in young people and its causes


Are potency problems specific to older men only? Although many people would like to believe this, scientists have no doubt that we are dealing with a much more complex problem. Young people also find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. If they are disposable, you can rest assured that they will not adversely affect your satisfaction with your sex life. However, if they are repeated, paying attention to them is the only reasonable approach to the problem they generate.

When she's guilty of psyche.

Very often, the quality of our sexual life is affected above all by what is happening in our heads. Doctors are aware of this and often talk about primary and secondary psychogenic erectile dysfunction. The former appear already at the stage of sexual initiation and then persist. The secondary ones are acquired, but they occur so often that they become a serious problem.

Interestingly, primary and secondary disorders often have common roots. Young people are full of fear and usually not as good as we see them. In the bedroom they are afraid not only of their own lack of experience. Potential problems can also be a consequence of complexes that they are unable to cope with, as well as a consequence of concerns about physical health. Sexual education, in particular, at a relatively low level, does not help. People who learn about it mainly from the Internet are often subconsciously afraid of sexual intercourse, perceiving it as an act that may lead to HIV or STD infection.

Low self-esteem, reduced self-esteem and problems with a partner do not help to achieve satisfaction in the bedroom. These may have sources outside the sexual sphere, but it is more than certain that they will also be reflected in the sexual sphere. Young people are often unable to cope with chronic stress. They are competitive not only at school and university, but also at work. They constantly have to prove that they are better than others, and their psyche is not ready for this.

When the state of health is at fault...

Is every erection problem in a young man psychologically related? Turns out it doesn't have to be like this at all. Impotence in young people is often caused by the fact that their organisms do not function as they should. Very often it is the inappropriate diet that makes the man does not work in bed, because the body does not do well either with excess fat or simple sugars. Potency also goes hand in hand with the shunting of drugs. Problems with it often arise as a consequence of alcohol abuse, but it turns out that they are not alien also to those who smoke cigarettes. Both insomnia and irregular sleep are not conducive to potency, and many people do not pay attention to it. We must also not forget that impotence can signal serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and hypertension.


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