Men's pheromones ranking 2019


Currently, the number of pheromones on the market is constantly increasing. Each of them differs in smell, some of them are odourless, which means that they can be easily combined with men's perfumes. It is worth noting that male pheromones are not only used for seduction, but also to improve communication in every area of social life.

The 2019 ranking of male pheromones presents ten items which, according to consumers, are the most effective and have produced satisfactory results. The smell and durability of these products can vary considerably, as can the price. Everything depends on the capacity of the packaging.

Ranking - male pheromones

1. Shiseido Love & Desire Men's - Pheromones 50ml

According to the ranking, the best pheromones for men. They are characterized by a really high quality. The product contains two main ingredients, which are responsible for increasing sexual activity in women.

WPJ International Pheromones for Men XS Paco Rabbane 15ml

The strongest pheromones on the market, for men, which guarantee an increase in attractiveness in the opposite sex. Their pleasant fragrance increases desire and excitement. It has a very good durability.

3. Shiseido Love & Desire PREMIUM EDITION 100ml for men

Natural pheromones that significantly increase interest in the opposite sex. An extraordinary elixir that is reliable in all conditions. Increases the impression, attractiveness and self-confidence, definitely facilitates the establishment of contacts.

4. Shiseido Love & Desire Men's - Pheromones 15ml

These pheromones will allow you to attract more attention, serve men to feel domination, affect the aura of security. Extremely fresh and energizing fragrance, lasting up to 4 hours. Extremely effective line of pheromones giving lasting effects.

5 Shiseido Sexual Attraction Men's Pheromones 15 ml

Pheromones that create natural conditions for closer contact with the other sex. A product with an extremely fresh fragrance that evokes respect, openness and sexual attraction. Pheromones are based on natural volatile substances felt in the air.

6 Sexual Health Series Love Desire 100ml Men's perfume with pheromones

Incredibly powerful pheromones, which are loved not only by men, but also by women. They contain two main ingredients: androstenol and androstenone. Fresh, long-lasting fragrance. It will make every man feel special.

7 Medica-group Pherostrong 10xPerfume arousing women + pheromones 50ml MEN'S

An extremely attractive agent for women. Strong concentration and a fresh fragrance that can be felt for hours. It allows you to attract the gaze, stimulate desire in the opposite sex. It will work in absolutely any conditions. It definitely inspires trust and kindness towards people.

8. Pheromone Essence Eromed Eromed MEN 7.5 ml ERO286

Original and the strongest pheromones on the market men's pheromones that arouse desire in women. The product is recommended by customers all over the world and allows you to discover masculinity and attractiveness. The strongest dose of pheromones that has gained the name of the leader.

9. LoveStim Pheromones FERO MIST 100ml Men's

A strong perfume concentrate that stays on your body for hours. Very masculine fragrance notes that captivate and seduce. Product awarded the Consumer Laurel 2016. Glass bottle has a comfortable atomizer.

Miyoshi Miyagi Pheromones for him Original Instinct for men 50 ml

Pheromones from Miyoshi Miyagi are very popular all over the world. The Instinct line has a hit smell. Even a small amount of the preparation is strongly felt.


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