Rose oil for potency


Rose oil is the most precious oil in the world. Its high price is due to the difficulty in obtaining several tons of rose flowers, which are harvested only once a year. This ethereal liquid contains an extraordinary wealth of valuable vitamins and minerals. This oil is recommended for strong and chronic migraines, nausea and premenstrual tension.

The recognisability of rose oil and the strength of its properties make it a valuable ingredient in many cosmetic products for face and body care. It is one of the few essential oils that has the ability to soothe the damage caused by radioactive radiation. The essential fluid is used in aromatherapy and as an effective remedy for potency.

Rose oil - properties

Rose oil is considered to be an oil of love and has a multidimensional effect. Not only does it increase the sexual drive, but also increases self-confidence and self-esteem. It calms down, lowers blood pressure and regulates heart rate. Additionally, it supports women's reproductive system and regulates erectile dysfunction in men. Interestingly, it also equalizes the level of secretion of hormones and effectively increases libido in women.

Rose oil has a strong aphrodisiac effect, which increases sexual desire. This product can be used during relaxing massages. The oil definitely influences the relaxation and well-being. It allows you to relax your body and affect your healthy sleep. Rose oil can be added to a relaxing bath. Every essential oil, as an aphrodisiac for women, can be distributed by means of aromatherapy fireplaces. It is not without reason that rose oil is added to perfumes. Their smell is very seductive.

Additional properties of rose oil include smoothing wrinkles, reducing swelling, removing fatigue, smoothing and moisturizing the skin. In addition, it expands blood vessels, reduces redness, improves mood, reduces nervous tension.

Rose oil - for whom?

Despite so many health beneficial properties, rose oil cannot be used primarily by people who are allergic to it, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Due to the presence of a strong substance, children should avoid it as well. Before applying the oil on the skin, it is worthwhile to perform an allergy test, which will confirm the safety of use.


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