Sandal oil for potency


Sandal oil is one of the natural aphrodisiacs that affects both women and men. The product has a strong relaxing and relaxing effect. Its characteristic balsamic fragrance perfectly relaxes the body and senses. Sandal oil is obtained by steam distillation of white sandalwood.

The main features of sandal oil are its pleasant fragrance and its oily texture, which makes the distribution of the oil during the massage pleasant and extremely easy. This oil has many properties that are successfully used in natural medicine. Even a few drops of oil allow you to moisturize your skin and increase your sex drive.

Sandal oil - properties

Aphrodisiacs are not only food products such as fruit, vegetables or fish. Natural preparations for potency are also essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy. These universal liquids have been known for thousands of years and despite their rich history they are still considered to be one of the most effective means of improving sexual drive. Sandal oil, due to its characteristic fragrance, is added to many perfumes, used in cosmetics and natural medicine.

The therapeutic properties of sandal oil have also been used to treat digestive problems. This liquid can be successfully used in the case of gastric flu. It has a disinfectant effect on internal organs and eliminates side effects of antibiotic treatment. Inhalations using sandal oil are most commonly used for bacterial and viral infections. Sandal oil effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms, therefore the preparation is added to air humidifiers and candlelight fireplaces. The wonderful aroma of sandalwood helps to soothe and calm the senses.

Interestingly, sandal oil is one of the most popular ingredients in men's perfumes. This liquid smells very sensual, is ideal for the bedroom. The typically oriental, woody aroma maintains its intensity for a very long time. Sandal oil has the ability to lift libido, relaxation and peace. Interestingly, it also stimulates the intellect and facilitates the process of remembering.

Sandal oil - for whom?

So many positive properties do not mean that an oil can be used by anyone. Oral use by people with acute renal disease and during pregnancy is not recommended. In addition, the daily dose should not exceed 1.5 g. Sandal oil is best suited for relaxing massage, natural aromatizing and air disinfection. It can also be used for bathing or rinsing hair. Sandal oil is recommended not only for people with libido problems, but also for allergy sufferers and those who often catch various infections.


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