Jasmine oil for potency


Aromatic jasmine oil in Asia is associated with the Indian god of love, treated all over the world as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that the most effective oils with aphrodisiac properties come from white flowers. Sweet, yet powerful fragrance of jasmine oil is perfect for bathing and massages.

Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive essential oils. This is due to the high cost of obtaining the fluid, which consists of a huge amount of flowers. Considered an effective aphrodisiac that heals impotence and can increase libido.

Characteristics of jasmine flower

Jasmine flowers have been used in medicine for hundreds of years. Its natural properties, which result from the richness of chemical compounds, make it recommended for many ailments, including potency problems. Jasmine is a real richness of flavonoids and essential oils, which contain substances such as nonanal, nopinone, farnesol, terpinolen and others. These ingredients are responsible for relaxing and calming effects.

Due to its intense, warm fragrance, it was used in aromatherapy. Supports the treatment of depression, insomnia and excessive nervousness. In Asian countries, jasmine flowers are considered a natural remedy for potency problems. Tea with jasmine increases libido and eliminates potency problems. In India, jasmine oil is an important element in weddings and wedding nights. Jasmine essential oil has an effect on both men and women and is effective in dealing with impotence, especially when these problems are the result of fatigue or prolonged stress.

Jasmine oil has a great effect on the skin. Jasmine flower extract is used in cosmetics, where it is included in many products for problematic or allergic skin. Its natural abilities shallow wrinkles, moisturize the skin and make it more elastic. The jasmine flower also has the ability to treat sunburn.

Essential oil - for whom?

Jasmine flowers can be given not only externally in the form of massage oil, but also internally in the form of tea. Jasmine oil is ideal for women with hormonal problems, people suffering from headaches, falling asleep or stress. Jasmine essential oil supports men with potency problems. Jasmine flower thanks to its natural properties helps with depressive states. Jasmine essential oil should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women as it is caused by a higher risk of allergic reactions.


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