Patchouli oil for potency


Patchouli oil is produced from an oriental plant called fragrant patchouli, which gives a unique fragrance. Patchouli oils have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and antidepressants. Effectively fight the feeling of anxiety and anxiety. Patchouli oil also works well as an aphrodisiac.

The natural properties of patchouli oil have a positive effect on the circulatory system, which significantly improves blood flow. Patchouli oil is obtained from the leaves of the patchouli shrub, which are dried and fermented. The liquid has an extremely deep earthy and sweet aroma. Patchouli oil effectively improves mood and stimulates sexual activity.

Patchouli oil - properties

Patchouli oil has a number of natural and pro-health properties. One of them is the ability to alleviate depressive states and nerves. This liquid has a very intense fragrance, which stimulates the senses and has a calming effect. Patchouli oil is considered a mild aphrodisiac that allows you to relax and soothe not only the body but also the mind. Patchouli oil added to the bath perfectly warms up the body. Massage performed with the use of essential oil stimulates the body and overcomes sexual coldness.

Due to its unique fragrance and the ability to preserve other fragrances, patchouli oil is used to create perfumes. It perfectly matches the scent of lavender, sandalwood, rosewood, lemon and bergamot.

Patchouli oil is also known for its many other properties, such as its ability to prevent water from accumulating in the body. This liquid is therefore added to many anti-cellulite preparations, which help to reduce the spread of cellulite, both aqueous and fatty.

Patchouli oil - for whom?

Patchouli oil is particularly suitable for the treatment of depression and anxiety. It is an excellent massage agent, which relaxes the body. Its natural properties allow it to strengthen its resistance, therefore it is recommended as a warming agent in case of a cold. Patchouli oil should be used by people with skin problems, especially acne. The liquid will work well as a natural tonic, a remedy for inflammation. Patchouli oil like an aphrodisiac will allow you to forget about problems with hormonal imbalance and help your body to become more sexually active.


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