Ylang oil for potency


Ylang essential oil called in Polish a fragrant berry. In Asian countries, the flowers of this plant are spread on the bed of the newlyweds. Natural oil has antiseptic and calming properties. Ylang Ylang Oil is also a world-famous aphrodisiac that stimulates the senses and increases libido.

Ylang Ylang Ylang Oil is most commonly used in aromatherapy. It has an antiseptic and calming effect, which is particularly useful in the treatment of depressive conditions or excessive stress. Due to the intensity of the action and its strong smell, the oil should be administered diluted and in small quantities. It is recommended to use about 2 drops per treatment.

Ylang oil - properties

The ylang-ylang essential oil is an amazing product that stimulates the senses, reduces nervous tension and reduces stress. Oil, which in Polish translation is called the "flower of flowers". Naturally produced in the Philippines, ylang oil has a number of positive properties, most of which are related to the relaxation of the body and its calmness. The state of relaxation, which persists with the use of the oil, increases the desire. Aromatherapy with ylang oil is used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. In addition, the product has a very good effect on hair, which moisturizes and prevents hair loss. The oil is suitable for all skin problems as it has antibacterial properties.

Don't forget that ylang oil is a powerful aphrodisiac that helps to restore natural libido. Massage with ylang ylang ylang oil relaxes the body, stimulates the senses, perfectly relaxes not only muscles but also the mind. The oil has a very floral, sweet taste that goes well with lemon, orange, rosewood and sandalwood oils. Used most often to regulate the pressure and relax the body.

Ylang Essential Oil - for whom

So many properties of ylang oil make it very popular. It was used not only in cosmetics, but also in reducing the symptoms of impotence. However, the essential oil should be used in moderate amounts, because too much of it causes nausea, headaches, hypersensitivity and many other ailments. Oil should not be used by pregnant women or people with low blood pressure. It is not recommended to use the liquid by people who are hypersensitive to odours. Ylang oil supports women after childbirth, in postnatal depression. It has a great effect on sleep and balances the level of hormones.


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