The reasons why we don't feel like having sex


The rise and fall of the libido is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes the desire for sex is greater than usual, and sometimes it is almost completely absent. If the decrease in libido is permanent and significant, we begin to wonder, however, what caused it. There can be many reasons for this, from simple things like everyday habits and nutrition to serious health problems that require a doctor's consultation.

Health problems

Frequent reasons why we don't want to have sex are health reasons. The culprit here is hypertension, a very common disease in our society. Circulatory problems cause that sexual capacity and willingness to have sex suffer as well. Another disorder responsible for the decrease in libido is diabetes. Very often it is also due to overweight or obesity, as well as lack of physical fitness or problems with the locomotor system. Depression or transient depressive states are also a serious problem. Feeling unwell, energy loss, sadness or anxiety are feelings that do not bode well for a successful sexual life. In addition, some medications - for example, many types of antidepressants, beta blockers, antihistamines and anticonvulsants, as well as prostate hypertrophy drugs - also affect the decrease in libido. Talk to your doctor about side effects - never take your medication on your own!

Hormonal problems

Less testosterone in a man also means less willingness to have sex. It is worth measuring testosterone levels in the blood - a drop below 15 nmol/l may be associated with a strongly noticeable decrease in libido. Of course, excess testosterone is not good for a successful bed life either, and many other aspects of life and health are affected. It is worth to consult a doctor and equalize the level of hormones.

Exhaustion and stress

We live under constant stress, pressure, exhaustion. This has an impact on the desire to have sex. We are tired after work or with our head constantly in duties and obligations, we are not able to get excited and enjoy sexual intercourse. It is worth rethinking your lifestyle and starting to introduce gradual changes in it. To begin with, it will be particularly important to add more fruit and vegetables to the diet, and to exclude highly processed products and sweets from the diet. It is definitely worthwhile to introduce a regular movement, which is fun and joyful, and also to find time to relax.

Lack of satisfaction with sex life

A often underestimated reason why we do not want to have sex is lack of satisfaction and communication with our partner. If sex seems boring and predictable to us, and our fantasies and needs remain even beyond the sphere of conversation, it is difficult to talk about satisfaction. It is worth to talk to the other side honestly, try to change something, take care of each other. If this is not possible or does not seem to be improving, a visit to a sexologist remains. Caring for your own comfort and a successful sex life is nothing embarrassing!


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