The quality of men's sex life is largely dependent on vitamins and minerals. They should be delivered to the body in the food consumed by the masters, so it is no wonder that a varied, well-balanced diet can do for the potency of more than one tablet. However, it should be taken into account that when the body ages or is exposed to constant stress, the assimilability of vitamins and minerals deteriorates. In this case, the appropriate supplementation can also help.

Vitamin D and its role

Researchers have long been pointing out to us that vitamin D is of great importance for our body and its functioning. Its deficiency can also be associated with problems with potency. The most common explanation for this phenomenon is that testosterone production is impaired due to vitamin D deficiency. There is no denying that this vitamin is also responsible for the fight against free radicals. If it is missing, they adversely affect the amount of nitric oxide required for the erection process. Incorrect vitamin D intake is also associated with heart problems and even prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, counteracting the insufficient amount of this vitamin in the body is not an easy task. This is hardly surprising given that it is primarily produced by UV rays. Of course, you can also look for it in food, including marine fish, eggs and dairy products. In the case of this vitamin, however, the supplementation is preferable to that of any other vitamin.

Vitamin E for potency

Good synthesis of sex hormones is fundamental to the quality of male sex life. Therefore, if we want to take care of it, we must not forget about these dishes, which are a valuable source of vitamin E. And she, like vitamin D, is an excellent antioxidant. So if we take care that our body does not lack it, we can count on it to age more slowly.

Fortunately, finding products rich in vitamin E is not difficult. Nuts and almonds are usually spoken of in this context, although cereal grains, butter and fatty fish are also not to be forgotten. It is worth remembering at this point that the recommended daily dose of vitamin E increases with age of the man.

Group B vitamins for men

B vitamins (especially riboflavin and thiamine) also play a significant role in stimulating the body to produce sex hormones. Deficiencies in this area may lead not only to erectile dysfunction, but also to infertility. Riboflavin is also responsible for ensuring that the nerve impulses responsible for the erection are transmitted correctly, while all the vitamins in this group support male blood vessels. In order to supplement the vitamin deficiency described here, it is best to bet on whole grain products. B vitamins also appear in legumes, fish, pork, liver and nuts.


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