Ladies' pheromones ranking 2019


On the market there are many different variants that contain chemical substances called pheromones. These odourless and delicate substances in combination with perfume increase self-confidence and arouse greater interest of the opposite sex. Pheromones are designed to indicate sexual readiness by attracting the opposite sex.

Pheromones are designed to stimulate the center, which is located in the nose. Proper application of pheromones allows you to feel the smell even from a few meters. The greatest effects can be felt at a distance of about one meter. Which of the pheromones available on the market are the most effective?

Ranking - women's pheromones

International Pheromones for Women International Pheromones Miracle Lancome 15 ml

The equivalent of the scent of Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. Women's pheromones that modify behaviour through the influence of appropriate substances.

2. Shiseido Love & Desire Ladies - Pheromones 50 ml

A mixture of pheromones, which the producer's job is to enslave men. This product gives you the opportunity to obtain an extremely deep, feminine fragrance on your skin, which lasts for an exceptionally long time. The smell of the product itself is captivating. It has notes of blackcurrant, pear, Italian clementine orange, blackcurrant, etc.

3. Shisseido Pheromone Essence Women's 7,5 ml

Odourless fragrance for women, which strengthens self-confidence, increases attractiveness. Due to the lack of smell, it can be used together with perfume. It is an effective seduction product that not only women but also men have loved.

4. Medics-Group Scentless Pheromone Concentrate for Women 7,5 ml

An odourless product that can stimulate the senses. The resulting smell on the skin attracts, increases interest, inspires trust, increases the effectiveness of success in interpersonal relations. The combination of this product with perfume gives you a seductive mixture.

Rufus Pheromones Taboo Espiegle For Women 50 ml

Erotic smell for women. High quality perfume that seduces men. The product contains a mixture of extremely strong pheromones, a small amount of which can be felt.

6. Shiseido Sexual Attraction Women's Pheromones 15 ml

Pheromones locked in a bottle that seduces men. According to the manufacturer, these are the strongest pheromones that strongly attract sexually. Their special formula has four extremely powerful ingredients that determine the strength of the fragrance.

7. PH Pheromone 5 ml WOMAN "FRUITY 1".

The equivalent of J'adore Christian Dior's fragrance. A beautiful, extremely intense fragrance that cannot be missed. Thanks to it, every woman gains attractiveness, becomes more confident.

8. Phobium Pheromo for women 15 ml

A 15 ml product recommended for women. The strongest pheromone effect persists for the first 3-4 hours. The product makes a positive impression. It has aromatic notes of Kashmir tree, gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, white flowers, etc.

9. Miyoshi Miyagi Pheromones for her Original Pure for women 15 ml

Pure version, are odourless pheromones that change the intensity of your favorite smell. Natural women's perfume that seduces, attracts and increases self-confidence. A few drops are enough for its proper application.

Miyoshi Miyagi Pheromones for her Next Allure & More Blank for women 30 ml

The highest quality pheromone for women, which is an odorless composition of active substances. Even a small amount of the preparation allows for a noticeable difference in the perception of the favorite perfume applied to the body.


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