Aroma communication is possible through certain chemical substances called pheromones, which can be divided into men and women. These specific chemicals are produced during adolescence and determine the sexual activity and interest in the partner. How do pheromones work and where can you find them?

Pheromones are the relationships that determine the type of communication with others. Their secretion by the body makes the body smell inform others about the attitude, emotions and sexual drive. The skin has the ability to emit substances - pheromones, which are a specific perfume attracting people to itself. Both female and male pheromones have one main substance. For women it is estratetraenol, for men it is androstadietone.

Women's pheromones - what are they?

Volatile substances called pheromones not only give the skin a smell, determine the emotional state or attitude. They are clear indicators of a person's sexual fitness and drive. They determine the level of attractiveness and self-expression.

Special preparations with pheromones are made on the market, whose scheme of action is based on increasing the secretion of pheromones and increasing their intensity. Naturally occurring pheromones are picked up by smell which subconsciously affects the perception of man in social situations. The desired effect of these pheromones is to increase sexual desire.

Women's pheromones how they work

The whole mechanism of action of human pheromones is based on direct contact with another person. Tiny pheromone molecules are picked up by receptors located on the body. Human pheromones are found in sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions, sperm and are received by the migratory organ, and then information about them reaches the brain.

The use of additional agents increasing the secretion of pheromones is fully safe. These substances are usually odourless. Pheromones may enhance attractiveness, but they will not reduce the problem of low libido or potency disorders. However, they can greatly facilitate human contact and rebuild self-confidence. Pheromones should contain estratetraenol. It is usually used in concentrates for mixing with favorite perfumes or ready-made fragrances with the admixture of female pheromone. Women's pheromones should be applied just before putting on the clothes, preferably on the neck, wrists, inner sides of the knees, or on the décolletage. These substances usually evaporate after 4-6 hours on average. In the case of dry skin, their intensity may be much lower. After application of the female pheromone should not rub it, as it can cause skin irritation.


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