How to use women's pheromones?


The use of volatile chemicals requires some practice. Due to the diversity of the intensity of natural human pheromones, the chemical substances should be adapted individually. In any case, the effect of pheromones is maintained from four to six hours after application on the skin.

The intensity of pheromones is maintained as long as the perfume. Application of chemical substances or pheromones occurs after mixing the liquid with the perfume. The exact process of pheromone application should be described on the package leaflet. Pheromones can be obtained through online shops.

Women's pheromones - how to use?

Although they arouse great controversy and sometimes even mistrust, the popularity of pheromones is constantly increasing. The very application of pheromones on the body is not complicated, but it is worth remembering about a few important rules, which will allow for a longer period of chemical substances to persist on the body. Pheromones should be applied in strategic places on the body to awaken the subconscious of the recipient. Most often it is the neck, wrists, skin behind the ears, around the mouth, nose, décolletage. Chemicals should be present in the right proportions, in fact, a few drops is enough. In the test it is worth starting with a very small dose, then moving on to a larger amount of pheromone used. Too much pheromone can lead to the opposite effect to the intended. Pheromones should be applied directly on the skin, never on clothes.

Please note that the pheromones used on each skin may show different intensities. Chemicals applied to dry skin may have a shorter release time. After applying the female pheromone to the skin, do not rub it, as it can irritate the skin.

Women's pheromones - for whom?

Women's pheromones are designed to be used by women who want to attract attention and at the same time regain lost confidence. Remember that pheromones are only an addition and will not solve all the problems in the partnership relationship. Pheromones can help in everyday life by sending signals that attract the opposite sex. Just a few drops of pheromone may be enough to get the desired effect. The effect of pheromones is not limited only to the opposite sex.


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